5 Ways Cloud Solutions Will Make Your Healthcare Organization Better

April 16, 2019 0 News & Blogs

Cloud solutions have emerged as an essential technology for businesses in nearly every field. In particular, organizations that operate in the healthcare sector have found cloud solutions particularly helpful. Though some still view cloud technology as something that will provide value in the future for healthcare companies and other businesses, the truth is cloud solutions are making a major impact right now. In fact, some industry veterans are adamant cloud computing is becoming the standard for companies in the healthcare space and beyond. Let’s take a look at the most important ways cloud solutions are helping healthcare organizations.

Cloud Benefit #1: Improved Collaboration

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with documents and other projects in real-time with co-workers and industry colleagues? Cloud computing makes it possible. As long as both parties have a web-connected computer and the proper login credentials, they can work together in unison to improve documents on the cloud. This way, your team members can collaborate even if they are located hundreds or thousands of miles away from one another. The cloud allows for data to be shared and modified instantaneously to all authorized parties. The end result is faster, more accurate collaboration to solve healthcare problems.

Cloud Benefit #2: Service Scalability

Healthcare services are in high demand during cold and flu season. This is not to say healthcare is not a 24/7 business yet there are clearly times of the year when medical assistance is needed at a higher frequency. The cloud is built for scaling up or down as necessary. You can increase or decrease data storage, traffic and other nuances of the cloud as desired. The cloud really does mold itself to the needs of each unique healthcare business.

Cloud Benefit #3: Improved Capacity for Data Storage

Data storage is one of the top reasons for the healthcare industry’s gradual shift to the cloud. Healthcare companies handle an incredible amount of data. Some of the most complex hardware installations prove incapable of handling this massive amount of data. The cloud empowers healthcare companies to store every singe piece of relevant information for easy access regardless of physical location. Relying on the cloud for off-site data storage ultimately reduces costs as there is no need to pay for the cost of purchasing, maintaining and updating phsycial servers.

Cloud Benefit #4: AI/Machine Learning

The sheer amount of information healthcare providers handle necessitates a massive time commitment. This time would be better spent with patients. The cloud combines AI and machine learning for service improvement to free up more time for physicians and other medical service providers to provide actual healthcare services.

Cloud Benefit #5: The Cloud Benefits Patients

The cloud benefits healthcare providers as well as patients. Patients really are the lifeblood of healthcare businesses as they are the paying customers. Shift to the cloud and your patients will undoubtedly find it helpful in a number of important ways. For one, the cloud facilitates patient access to records. The cloud also facilitates insurance issues as it provides patients with an easily accessible version of essential insurance information. The cloud even makes it possible for healthcare service providers to provide highly personalized care. Though it is not yet possible for care provides to view all the details of patients’ medical histories and family medical histories through cloud technology, it will not be long until the cloud allows for such detailed information. Access to this essential data from any point at any time ultimately paves the way for even more personalized care.

The Cloud is Here to Stay

Those who work in the tech sector insist the cloud is not going anywhere in the near future. Healthcare businesses will continue to adopt cloud technology, migrate their data to the cloud or rely on hybrid servers. Anyone who questions the role of the cloud in the context of healthcare need not look any further than the recent alliance between Walgreens and Microsoft.

It is clear healthcare power players and tech stalwarts are insistent on marrying the healthcare industry to the cloud. Though there are certainly some preparation an organization needs to do before moving to the cloud, the plethora of benefits detailed above ensure the healthcare industry will continue to gravitate to the cloud.

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