Businesses Impacted by Cyber Attacks and How to Avoid It Happening to You

March 25, 2019 0 News & Blogs

A cyber attack can devastate any organization, regardless of size; and businesses are often a prime target. Most small businesses don’t have the internal resources to stay protected, and with so much to do, their in-house IT teams can’t always keep up with the constant demands of cybersecurity protection. Thankfully, IT providers can protect your company against these ever-evolving attacks and leave your IT teams free to handle other important technical responsibilities.

There have been many instances of cyber attacks against large-scale companies. Read about some of them below, as well as the ways IT providers can help your business prevent them.

Here are just a few major companies that suffered a data breach in 2018:

  • Macy’s: A third party gained access to the personal and credit card information of Macy’s clientele.
  • Marriott: A data breach exposed over 500 million customer records.
  • MyFitnessPal: After a data breach, more than 150 million usernames, emails and passwords were released.
  • Medicare: A data breach exposed the records of over 75,000 clients that enrolled for the Affordable Care Act online.
  • MyHeritage: Hackers gained access to over 92 million records of MyHeritage online users. Although no genetic information was stolen, the hackers did gain access to email addresses and passwords.
  • Facebook: Hackers gained access to the names and personal information of over 30 million Facebook users.

Here are some of the ways IT providers can help companies prevent attacks like these:

#1 Outsource IT Security

Major cyber attacks against large corporations are always reported in the media, whether it is Sony, Facebook, or even Equifax. However, almost 60% of data breaches like these actually impact small businesses, which are the easier targets! By outsourcing IT security to your MSP, your business will get additional layers of protection like: latest security updates, around-the-clock IT support, network monitoring services and more.

#2 Develop A Security Plan

An IT provider will allow you to develop a security plan that meets the unique needs of your business. It will also modify your cybersecurity plan on a regular basis to ensure that your company is protected and stays one step ahead of malicious cyber criminals.

#3 Additional Training

One of the leading causes of cyber attacks is employee error; whether that’s downloading an infected email attachment, visiting unsecured websites or something else. These mistakes can result in significant data breaches and, in some cases, make it difficult for small businesses to recover. The best way to avoid this scenario is to use an IT provider that specializes in technical training, especially on issues like security awareness, password management and phishing.

#4 Around-the-Clock Security Operations Center (SOC)

A 24/7 SOC will protect your company at all times by constantly monitoring your network for any unusual activity. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) will immediately respond to any potential threats and prevent a cyber attack from spreading to other areas of your network or computer systems. Ultimately, an around-the-clock SOC will minimize the damage of any attack, which is one of the top benefits of using an IT provider.

Cyber attacks continue to occur at a high rate, and unfortunately, that’s not changing any time soon. As a leading IT provider, CompassMSP has extensive experience protecting businesses of all sizes against various cyber attacks, and it makes cyber safety in the workplace its top priority.

If you’re worried about your company’s cybersecurity efforts, or are looking for a more efficient way to monitor your technical systems, CompassMSP can help! Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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