External IT Services Handle Healthcare Problems Better Than In-House Teams: Here’s How

April 23, 2019 0 News & Blogs

The healthcare industry is reliant on keeping up to speed with technological advancements and trends. However, a struggle many hospitals encounter is effectively implementing this new technology. In-house IT teams can struggle keeping technology up to date while also having to perform other essential daily tasks. A managed service provider (MSP) can bring the needed skill, expertise, and workforce required to keep your technology up to date.

How An MSP Can Help With Common Healthcare Tech Problems

Smart Technology Investments

Many companies have invested time and money in technology roadmaps that simply did not work out due to lack of smart planning. A smart investment is one that has a purpose; its underlying technology is understood, and what problems will be solved are clearly defined.

An MSP can help you identify the best solutions for the issues your organization needs solved. Above all, a good MSP will also customize their solution to work with your specific needs and situation while avoiding common causes of failure.


Information theft has become a major issue in the modern world. Private information has been stolen by cybercriminals from several major retail companies and even a major credit bureau in the past six months alone. These data breaches have had a negative effect on how people view these companies and increased concern about how safe personal data really is.

An MSP can keep your entire organization’s computer systems up to date with the latest in malware protection, firewalls, data encryption, and two-factor identification. This keeps your patients’ information safe and helps meet compliance goals such as HIPAA requirements.

AI & Machine Learning

Proper implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become a necessity, as these technologies have become far more advanced in recent years. Through these tools, industries are becoming more efficient and data entry far more streamlined. In-house teams often lack the training and certifications necessary to accomplish proper implementation and usage.

Hiring an MSP to correctly introduce and monitor such systems can reduce the need for employees to work on tasks that are repetitive and can be easily automated. This frees up your healthcare staff to work on more important tasks that need human input and management.

Solving Healthcare Tech Problems With An MSP

The ever-changing world of technology is one that is hard to keep up with and healthcare tech problems are common. Hiring people that are skilled in such highly precise areas can be both expensive and, depending on the local talent pool, very difficult. An outside IT agency can serve as both support for your existing in-house IT support or as a full solution for you technology management needs.

Specialized companies such as Compass MSP can help keep your company’s technology up to date, your information safe, and implement new and exciting technologies to make daily work more secure and efficient.


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