Dear Valued Client,

Over the past six months, Integrity has been collaborating with another local Managed Service Provider, CompassMSP to share information on tools, processes, and best practices, as well as discussing strengths and weaknesses with the goal of continuing to become better a what we do. In fact, this collaboration has already proved to make us both stronger. 

As a result of these conversations, we concluded that a merger between our two Jacksonville organizations would benefit our clients and staff in a big way. So, we began talking about joining forces in an effort to become Jacksonville’s leading Managed Service Provider. With that being said, we would like to officially announce the merger between our two organizations.

What can you expect from our merger?

  • Addition of a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, a dedicated Cloud Engineer, additional IT Security staff, and an in-house Voice Over IP (VOIP) division
  • All current client support teams remain the same, but current team members can better focus on current clients they support without multitasking as much
  • No changes to core monitoring and management tools, but some additional tools, people, and automation optimize and improve the alerting, support, and reporting
  • Additional staff to better load balance and meet the demands of our client base
  • No changes in pricing or the tools we use for billing
  • All key Integrity staff including myself, Steve and Thomas will continue to stay engaged with the business
  • I will remain a significant shareholder in CompassMSP and will continue to play a role in the business, but will have a great deal more operational support

Integrity could have achieved all of this on our own in due time through continued growth and capital investments, but I genuinely feel this merger increases our ability to deliver better service at a much faster rate than if we were to continue to do it by ourselves.

As a key client, we value our ongoing partnership with you and look forward to continuing to provide the best tools and support to further your business.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

In His Service,

Eric C. Jaffe



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