Measure Your Law Firm’s IT Health with this Handy Checklist

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Creating an IT checklist for your law firm is an excellent way to improve productivity, while also keeping your data safe and secure. A managed service provider can play a key role in generating income for your law firm by leveraging technology to improve collaboration and allowing employees to quickly complete a wide range of job tasks. Of course, the world of technology is ever-changing, but following an IT checklist is a great way for law firms to stay protected in today’s digital workplace.

#1 Backup & Disaster Recovery Services
The loss of data can happen in a variety of ways, and it is critical that your law firm can quickly recover this information. The use of data backup and recovery services is an effective way to restore information through the use of cloud technology. An IT provider will automatically create data backups each day and upload this information to an offsite cloud server, which ensures that your data is readily available at all times.

#2 ISP Redundancy (Backup Internet)
The use of the internet is essential for a law firm, but a slow internet connection can make it difficult to remain productive. ISP redundancy is an effective way to compress internet traffic and use the best connection to minimize slow-down and increase the speed of various software applications. Load balancing allows you to effectively utilize the internet for daily use and avoid hours of downtime due to technical issues. ISP redundancy is also an effective way to improve the quality of VoIP services, as maintaining a strong connection on the phone is always a top priority for a legal firm.

#3 Battery Backups
Power outages can happen at any time and cause your law firm to lose a significant amount of data. However, you can avoid this troubling situation by using battery backups for each computer. These battery backups give your employees additional time to save documents and shut down the computer. Ultimately, this will keep your employees from losing many hours of work, while also protecting your equipment from sudden power outages.

#4 Next Generation Anti-Virus Protection
The use of traditional anti-virus software is not enough to keep law firms safe from modern cyber threats. However, next-generation anti-virus protection (NGAV) gives companies the ultimate endpoint protection from cyber attacks by using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and block malware attacks. NGAV also includes features such as application white-listing, which automatically approves specific software applications. NGAV is also easy to use and is much more effective in preventing malware by evaluating the entire context of the cyber threat.

#5 Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication plays an important role in keeping accounts secure by requiring an employee to use at least two different forms of identification. Typically an employee must enter a password, while also using a temporary code that is sent to their email or mobile device. Two-factor authentication is especially useful for legal firms, as it gives employees the freedom to securely access information from any location with a mobile device. Ultimately, two-factor authentication prevents hackers from gaining access to sensitive data and is a must-have for law firms.

#6 Local & Responsive IT Support
Another benefit of partnering with a managed service provider is technical issues can arise at any time, and responsive IT support is an excellent way to minimize downtime for your law firm. A quality IT provider like CompassMSP is available at any time to answer questions and guide your employees on the best way to overcome any technical challenges. Ultimately, responsive IT support will improve productivity for your law firm, and you will never have to wait for the next business day to receive assistance.

#7 Network & Wireless Security
Network and wireless security are vital for a law firm, as new cyber threats continue to emerge all of the time. These threats pose a significant threat to any business, but a firewall can play a crucial role in keeping your law firm protected. An IT service provider will monitor your network at all times for any unusual activity.

#8 Manufacturer’s Warranty for Equipment
Computer equipment can malfunction at any time and lead to many hours of downtime. Repairing computer equipment isn’t always cheap, as it is a good idea to ensure that a manufacturer’s warranty covers all of your hardware. Purchasing an extended warranty will also give your law firm additional protection from any hardware issues or defects.

#9 Latest Version of Microsoft Windows 
Downloading the latest updates will keep your company protected, while also improving performance. A managed service provider will automatically install each update, whether it is for the operating system or various software upgrades. Patch management from an IT provider will let your employees focus on their jobs without having to download updates manually.

#10 Advanced Software for Collaboration
Collaboration is vital for any business, especially in the legal industry. An IT company will give your legal firm access to cloud technology that will allow multiple employees to work together on the same legal case or project. Instead of always working in the office, you can access these documents from any location with an internet connection.

#11 Email Encryption
Email messages are one of the primary forms of communication for a legal firm. Many of these messages contain confidential information, which is highly valuable to cyber-criminals. However, email encryption will protect your messages from being intercepted by hackers and will give your law firm much-needed peace of mind.

#12 Meeting Compliance Guidelines
Following the latest compliance guidelines is critical for any legal firm, as hackers are always looking for ways to gain access to valuable information. Attorneys in Florida must protect the data of clients by developing a comprehensive security program to minimize the chance of a data breach. An IT provider plays a key role in keeping data protected and out of the hands of cyber-criminals.

#13 Access to Latest Technology
One of the most effective ways to improve efficiency is by using an IT service provider that can help you identify the latest tech that best meets the needs of your law firm. For example, an IT provider will continually look for ways that technology can impact your legal company to give you a competitive advantage. A managed services provider will also identify outdated equipment and replace it with newer technology that will enable your legal firm to reach its full potential in the ever-changing world of technology.

#14 Virtual CIO for IT Planning
A virtual CIO (vCIO) is an excellent option for any law firm that needs to develop a long-term IT strategy. A vCIO will help you make the best decisions for your firm, while also creating plans for IT maintenance, disaster planning, and monitoring services. Ultimately, developing a comprehensive technology road-map will ensure that your law firm is always prepared for any situation.

Following an IT checklist is essential for any law firm to receive the ultimate protection against data loss and cyber threats. CompassMSP is a leading IT service provider that can keep your law firm protected, while also gaining access to the latest technology.

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