Top Ways Using an MSP for Your Small Business Can Save Your CTO Time

March 19, 2019 0 News & Blogs

A company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has a lot on his or her plate, and partnering with an IT provider can save them a significant amount of time getting through their daily tasks! Instead of relying solely on a company’s in-house IT team, a CTO can hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to work with employees and unleash a bevy of innovative IT services that help the business unlock its full potential. The tech world is always changing, and an IT provider will play an important role in saving a business time and money as it navigates through it.

Here are just a few ways an IT provider can boost a CTO’s productivity:

#1 It gives CTOs time to develop more ideas.

While a CTO focuses on developing ideas (like generating income), an IT provider can handle the everyday IT tasks of the business. These tasks include: performing data backups, installing new security updates for all company operating systems, running systems checks and more. Ultimately, this will give a CTO much more free time to focus on important tasks.

#2 It lets a CTO outsource IT responsibilities.

By partnering with an IT provider, CTOs have the ability to outsource specific tasks to trained IT professionals. These tasks can be wide-ranging, whether it’s related to managed VoIP, software development or cloud computing. Every CTO has various strengths and weaknesses, and an IT provider will handle any particular areas of weakness to ensure that businesses operate smoothly at all times. These providers are also flexible; meaning a CTO can switch up outsourced tasks at any time to better meet the needs of the business.

#3 It saves companies more money.

Financially, an IT provider is an excellent long-term investment for any company. In addition to protecting a business from cyber threats and reducing potential downtime at a fixed monthly rate—and thus saving companies any unexpected costs that come with fixing that.

#4 It can handle all vendor relationships.

Dealing with a variety of vendors is a time-consuming process, and it isn’t always easy to manage all their different contracts. Luckily, MSPs can handle all software vendors and ensure that businesses find the right software at the best price. On top of that, an IT provider will have strong, established relationships with different vendors, ultimately making sure businesses get all the services they need.


Choosing to partner with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) in today’s fast-paced work environment is always a benefit. Here at CompassMSP, a leading IT provider, we focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of small- to medium-sized businesses. We understand that a CTO is always under pressure, and strive to help all businesses succeed by reducing the workload of employees and giving companies access to the latest technology on the market.

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