What Can CEOs do to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats?

January 9, 2019 0 News & Blogs

New cybersecurity threats pop up all the time, and it’s vital for CEOs to understand the best ways to minimize these threats in the workplace. Choosing to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an excellent choice for many companies, as it gives businesses (especially small businesses!) access to IT professionals that can work with in-house IT teams to fully protect their company.

And while cyber protection is imperative, it’s also important to do it in a way that makes sense for the business; in other words, a way that won’t cost so much it runs your business into the ground. Rates for IT Providers scale according to what you need and exactly how many users you need it for, and they typically come at set, expected prices each month. As leaders of their respective companies, CEOs of small businesses need to prioritize keeping their company safe and financially sound.. and hiring a Managed Service Provider is a simple, obvious way to do both.

Have yet to use an IT company? Better late than never. Here are just a few of the ways Managed Service Providers help small businesses mitigate cybersecurity threats:

You’ll better understand your company’s current level of cybersecurity risk.

One of the keys to creating a successful cybersecurity plan is to understand any potential threats your business might face. An IT provider can help your company identify areas of concern and create a detailed action plan that protects your organization from cyber threats. It’s also important to for company executives to be aware of any cybersecurity incidents, as communication is key to preventing cyber attacks from causing widespread damage in any business.

You’ll realize the potential impact of cybersecurity attacks.

An IT provider can also help your organization understand the impact of cyber attacks. For example, a ransomware attack makes it impossible for you to access your computer system, while a phishing scam will steal confidential information from your employees. These cybersecurity attacks can cause significant disruptions to your business, and it is essential to invest in an IT provider that can give your company the best possible chance of avoiding them.

It can help you perform a risk assessment of your company.

Risk assessments can identify any potential areas of weakness in your company. Remember, cyber threats emerge constantly, so these risk assessments need to be performed on a regular basis. An IT provider can work with your company to identify any need for patch management, data backups, additional IT training and around-the-clock monitoring services.

You’ll better understand the best ways to address potential threats.

Risks can occur in a number of ways, whether it’s financial, competitive or risks to your reputation. A data breach, for example, can cost your company millions of dollars and makes it almost impossible to remain competitive with other companies. That said, any cybersecurity attack has the potential to significantly damage the reputation of your company and makes it difficult for any business to recover.

Your company will get additional cybersecurity training for employees.

Company employees are critical to cybersecurity protection, and in line with this, it’s beneficial for CEOs to offer employees additional training on the best ways to use technology. These training sessions cover a wide variety of topics, from tips about how to avoid malware and prevent phishing scams, to teaching employees how to avoid viruses in an email or website. An IT provider can help employees understand the best cybersecurity practices and follow the latest compliance guidelines to reduce their chances of becoming the next victim of a cyber threat.

It will help your business develop an incident response and disaster recovery plan.

Understanding how to exercise these plans can play a key role in limiting the damage of a cybersecurity threat. An incident response plan isn’t just limited to the IT department but encompasses entire business operations. It’s important for your business to have the ability to work with federal, state or local investigators that specialize in cybersecurity prevention to ensure that your business can quickly recover from any situation.

In today’s work environment, understanding how to minimize the chance of a cybersecurity attack is essential for any business. CompassMSP is a Managed Service Provider that can help your business receive the ultimate protection from a wide range of cyber threats. Our experts are always available to answer any question you might have, as our goal is to always offer the best customer support possible and use state-of-the-art technology to keep your company protected.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to tell you about it. Please reach out to us to schedule a FREE consultation.

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